Yoga classes in Glasgow, City of Glasgow

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STEPHEN HARDWICK, SHIATSU PRACTITIONER - 5 star This has been easily my best yoga small intimate classes, with spirituality grounded in everyday context. A really nice atmosphere every single time. Exquisite yoga knowledge, with life balance & physiological Knowledge as a support to instruct. Bespoke instructions to take away for self development. A real bang for the buck. See you there. MARION CAMPBELL, TEACHER, GLASGOW - 5 star It is amazing how much I discover about yoga and the benefits each pose can bring by attending Simone's classes. My fascination with the topic and the discipline continues to grow. This class has turned my life around I m a stronger person, mother and teacher. Priceless, the best kept secret in town.


SHEILA BARRY, TEACHER CLYDEBANK - 5 star I was skeptical of what good a class could, having lived through various challenges. This is like no other class you will have likely experienced. make sure to get on the mat with Simone, it will be eye opening. THOMAS DIAMOND HNC HEALTH@FITNESS, BA HEATH STUDIES I count meeting her as a continuation of my education in anatomy, physiology, body chemistry and food science. My own understanding of how my body works has been greatly helped by attending Simone's classes. LORNA STEELE Simone Classes are amazing. I have no idea how she can always manage to make me feel like the class was designed just for me. She considers everyone's needs with ease Her classes are the next best thing to her tailored 121 yoga tuition. Great value for money and investment of time. My weekly energy filling station.

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