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Yoga is more than a semi-acrobatic hobby.

Yoga happens when you are aware of your body, have your mind is focused on yourself and you are breathing fully.

Does that sound like your yoga class?

Simone designs classes around the people that show up on the day, how they feel, the season, the weather, the

Small Class settings are a great way to get started.

121 Tuition is where yoga st
... arts bending around you, countless tools to support your mission ans well-being. Simone offers yoga classes in Glasgow, including 121 tuition, beginners and intermediate yoga classes.

German-born Simone has established herself in Glasgow in 2002 as one of its top Yoga teachers after moving from Auckland. Simone studied the Art of Yoga therapy with Indian Gurus as well as the Western Yogi Celebrities and it is her aspiration to pass on this complex knowledge and enthuse others with her own passion for Yoga as a rewarding and life-altering experience.

Her sessions offer a unique blend of Yoga Therapy, Ashtanga, Hatha, and Iyengar yoga providing a powerful workout for body, mind and spirit.

Simone's one on one yoga sessions have helped, among others, people with injuries, sportsmen, and those simply looking to improve their fitness and flexibility (see testimonials).

Her unique expertise also makes her much in demand with fellow yoga teachers and professionals in related fields: teaching specialist workshops for qualified yoga instructors at The Chi Centre.

Teaching workshops for doctors at Glasgow's Gartnavel Hospital and teaching workshops for physiotherapists at Glasgow's Homoeopathic hospital.

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Yoga Allience

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